Design Volcano: Lava is a natural material

Made to measure, shaped to suit, an effect that is beyond compare - Pierre Richard enhances every project, no matter how ambitious. Enamelled lava stone is the designer's first choice when it comes to really special projects.
The best possible balance between looks, resistance and cleaning.

Lava's tactile qualities, combined with the silky feel of matt enamelling or the lustre of gloss, make it a truly extraordinary material. Its highly resistant properties also mean it is a product of great quality.
Unaffected by UVs, extreme temperatures or acid: yet again, lava turns out to have unsuspected qualities, making it an even more worthwhile investment because its stunning look will not fade.

is a enameled lava stone specialist since more than 30 years.
Its distinctive enamel-technique and its will to maintain the highest standards of quality have created its renown among interior designers, even beyond French borders.

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